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£ 35.00 each

MY FIRST EVER POV s3x tape! PLEASE READ for all the details! 


Ok, so before shooting the BIG blow-job POV video you guys have been waiting for, I wanted to test out the new lens and audio equipment and get a little practice in - so we created this little s3x tape for you!

In this, I lead you to the hotel room after getting back from the restaurant. I start to get undressed and you sneak a peek when I think you aren’t looking but it isn’t long until I’m undressing you too! I ask if you like my new lingerie and I want YOUR hands on me! I flip over and beg you to pull down my panties.

The scene shows  full open legged nudity, but no graphic penetrati0n in shot [NOT YET! ] but you should get to experience what it’s like to be right there with me, from behind!

I had so much fun imaging you being there with me!